Let’s start from the beginning, what is SEO ?

In order to capture the sort of audience most likely to take any action (such as making a purchase or filling out a form), SEO manages to intercept what is referred to as a “hot” audience.

An SEO consultant is a qualified individual with experience in internet marketing who can help your website rank higher in search engines.

Listen to my podcast where I discuss what an SEO consultant does, why you should employ one, and how to increase your online visibility:

Why would you hire an SEO consultant?

consulente seo

Do you know what “First on Google” means? An SEO specialist can do that. Put your website at the top of Google without spending any money on advertising.

It goes without saying that each sector has a varied timeframe, so it is impossible to estimate with accuracy when and how the outcomes will be attained.

I can promise that the results will be delivered, and I’ll work hard to get them done as quickly as possible. Not advertising, but rather enhancing search engine placement is the topic here ( Google Ads ). The two activities vary significantly from one another. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a set of tactics that will enable your website to appear on the top page of search engine results (organic positioning).

SEA : It is, instead, the abbreviation for Search Engine Advertising. This kind of company requires its own promotion, so being included among the big search engines costs money.

What does a consultant in SEO do?

The major responsibility of an SEO Consultant or Senior SEO is to improve a website’s credibility (power) in the eyes of search engines by using focused SEO strategies to help its placement.

Throughout the training, I created a system that analyzes and optimizes websites really quickly.

I perform an SEO audit of the website or e-commerce first to identify any pressing issues that need to be addressed later.

In order to build a broad picture of the industry and comprehend how “similar” sites move, I will also evaluate the rivals in the SERP (search results page).

I’ll now turn to website optimization, which is primarily split into two major categories: Off-page SEO techniques and on-page SEO techniques

On-Page SEO

On -Page SEO includes all the internal optimization part of the site, such as:


Tag Meta


Site architecture


Your website has to be flawless in every way. There won’t be any room for error.

To rank on the top page of Google and outrank your rivals, each and every piece must be optimized.

Different optimizations are required for every website. I’ll leave you with a brief rundown of the most common interventions:

Cache: A memory that can react rapidly to queries from users or crawlers is what the cache is. You may utilize a variety of caches on your website, but not all of them function well. The caching method that works best for the website will be installed by me.

Hosting: Search engines give a lot of weight to how quickly a website loads. I will propose the finest hosting services. In order to get the data to the applicant, bot, or user as quickly as possible, many services today—including those in the cloud—allow you to enable caching services by default.

Image optimization: Images often weigh a lot more than they should. For search engines, weight is significantly more crucial than picture quality is for site visitors. A successful match is crucial for an SEO professional.

One of the unique aspects of my work is my ability to produce a clear and simple-to-consult website structure. Any page must be accessible to the user with just a few clicks. Clearly, the search engine will also be successful in determining which sites are more crucial than others.

From the standpoint of SEO, composing an article entails more than simply writing. It entails researching the market, doing meticulous keyword research to determine the consumers’ true interests, and then going to catch them in the SERP.

Do you run a WordPress-powered website? Read my instructions on how to accelerate it the most. However, if you are considering moving your website to a different server, I advise you to read my review of the best WordPress hosting ever.

SEO off-page

On the other hand, Off-Page SEO refers to optimization done off-site, such as link development and online public relations.

Along with content, links are regarded as one of Google’s top three ranking criteria.

This is why having a solid and up-to-date link profile is crucial. Implementing a targeted link-building approach can hasten your website’s rating.

To increase your website’s authority in the eyes of search engines, I’ll put my tactics into action to get the most links for it.

Many SEOs have wildly divergent views on this element, link building. Some claim that it is losing value, others assert that it produces no effects, yet I can show that links make a significant difference in an SEO strategy.

SEO E-Commerce Consultant

Through thorough investigation and focused analysis, an SEO Consultant for E-Commerce is able to take an online business and raise its search engine exposure to the greatest levels. As was previously said, SEO is no more about “inserting the keyword many times inside the text.” Google is increasingly considering UX and how a customer purchases a specific product or service, particularly in e-commerce.

When Should You Contact an SEO Consultant?

An SEO consultant’s involvement is crucial for your website. Because this is a medium-long-term task, the sooner you begin, the sooner you will achieve the desired results.

Of course, you may contact an SEO expert before the project even begins and during the whole process.

Any improvements to your site might be created or carried out by a competent SEO specialist.

What happens if your gateway is fully optimized?

Since I’ve been offering SEO consulting for years, I must state that the outcomes never lag. This occurs simply because we consider it important, not because there are secret formulae to increase with the location.

There isn’t a ruse or any deceit. Everything is natural.

How can I know whether an SEO consultant is really competent?

The reality is that there is a lot of trash out there, and you often face the danger of bumping into a “fake” SEO professional. Personally, I’m a big proponent of verticality. An SEO consultant’s abilities will increase with his verticality.

The less ideal option is sometimes to hire a marketer that handles a variety of other activities related to digital marketing in addition to SEO. Here, consultants—not agencies—are the subject.

Another piece of advice I can provide you is to look at the SEO outcomes that have been attained over time (below, I’ve included some objectives that have been attained over time with either my clients or personal projects). As I had expected, waiting and knowing how to better keep an eye on everything is required to gain SEO results. Anyone who assures you that they will be able to get you among the top spots in a short period of time, particularly for keywords that are very competitive, is not a true professional.

Why Get in Touch with an SEO Consultant?

A competent SEO consultant will be able to identify all of your website’s weaknesses and recommend the actions that should be taken to enhance optimization. My SEO strategy is focused on sophisticated on-page and off-page SEO techniques, user behavior, and the Data-Driven paradigm.

How to choose the best SEO consultant.

Contact the candidates, explaining clearly what your project is, giving them the URL of your website (if one already exists), and letting them know what goals you have set for yourself.

From their responses, you can already see which are the most affidabili.

Are they responding to your preventive message too quickly? Maybe they didn’t properly analyze the situation.

Do they respond to you after a week? Pay attention since your project is important and you can’t allow yourself to continue working with people who don’t return your emails.

Excluding these two groups of people will leave you with a variety of preventative measures. How do I choose?

Undoubtedly, it must be specific since it must demonstrate your ability to identify the areas in which to intervene.

However, a great SEO consultant will keep you informed about all necessary interventions without becoming bogged down in technical details.

Check to see whether medium-term actions, maintenance interventions at regular intervals, and periodic reports are also included.

Then you may find items of the following type:

“First position on Google in three months, guaranteed!”

So, if you must embark, FUGGI!

Eliminate anybody trying to mislead you with these faeries right away from the list.

It is impossible to achieve similar results, or at least not using methods that do not lead to accidents. And this means that you can incur a series of penalties, making it very difficult to recover at that point.

We have often assisted clients who have found themselves in front of a roll of positions after working on some kind of “mago” SEO.

Even though we succeeded in doing so in the end, it wasn’t very quick or easy to scale the SERP down to zero.

The cost of an SEO consultation

It is impossible to estimate the cost of an SEO intervention for a website.

Situations might differ greatly from one case to the next, and only a thorough analysis can allow for the stabilization of a preventive measure.

The one thing that is certain is that you cannot trust anybody who offers inflated prices if you want to get results.

In keeping with the maxim, I can suggest that the price may be (alone) a good indicator of the caliber of the service.


I hope this article helped you make the right decision when choosing an SEO consultant for your project.

My only remaining task is to wish you good luck with your search and to wish you luck with your website.

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