How to earn money fast in adorable home..?

1. Buy every cat.


Naturally, because it is a cat game, creating a cat’s heart will be popular. There are 12 cats in the Adorable Home game today, and each one costs 600 hearts. Your first task should be to purchase 12 cats for yourself instead of homes, since doing so will be a tremendous source of money for you. By feeding them, taking care of them, and seeing advertisements, you may win their hearts.


We’ll do the math as follows:


When caring for three things, a cat will get 240 hearts (80 multiplied by three) (see ads for 480 hearts). 240 hearts x 12 equals 2,880 hearts if there are 12 cats (5,760 hearts if watching ads).


Software techniques will show you how to obtain Tim 3, 4, and 5 times without viewing advertisements. Please read this whole post!


2. Interior decoration

Adorable home design not only improves the aesthetics and attractiveness, but it also has a big impact on your future introspection. Visitors may be found in the Adorable Home area. Visitors in the game include dogs, birds, parrots, butterflies, polar bears, deer, frogs, fish, and crabs. You have a specific quantity of hearts that they will offer you each time they visit (ranging from 30 to 100 hearts).



How can we then encourage additional guests to donate money to us? This heavily relies on how your interior is set up. Different decorations will appeal to certain animals. If you are aware of this, kindly alter the home’s décor once every three hours to accommodate several oddball visitors.


Although there is currently no official word on which decorations will draw which kinds of things, they are still as follows:


Plants for dwellings, flowers, and plants attract bees, butterflies, parrots, and birds.

A swimming pool in the lawn; ducks and beavers

Winter miniatures in the garden include penguins, polar bears, and polar seals (especially on snowy days).

Seesaw, grass, reclining, and dogs.

Crabs and fiddlerfish in an aquarium

Rare dogs: indoor cushions, a swing

Rare cats: pillows for snoozing and toys

3. Give the cats the king’s food.


The game’s rules may have appeared easy, but not everyone now is familiar with the game’s workings, so losing is like playing! When it comes to feeding (35 hearts), you should only feed your cat goldfish (26 hearts). The cause is? This will be your response, and together we’ll study it.


When cats are through eating, they’ll offer us 40–80 hearts (a profit of about 2-3 times).

Cats will offer us 30 to 40 hearts after eating blue fish (35 hearts). You will undoubtedly see fewer profits and many more losses if you look at this.

For whatever reason, the food glitch in the game has not yet been resolved! Giving them nice meals in exchange for a few cents is unfair!


4. Install a TV in lieu of the fireplace. 


Even if they are not particularly visually pleasant in other rooms, televisions have a lot of benefits for us! If you don’t watch the TV commercial that airs every hour, you will be given 20 yen. And you’ll see it will receive at least 100 TIM. Therefore, stay in front of the TV since doing so will enable you to make more than 2,000 TI each day.


5. Examine the weather report


Every day, the first thing you do is check the weather forecast; you can learn a little something about Tim from this. In fact, the game’s weather prediction is really helpful since it alerts you to any potential visitors (Visitor). You alter the inside arrangement according to the weather to draw in more new customers. There will be the following sorts of weather in Adorable Home:


Sunny: Bring out the dogs, kittens, and butterflies.

Rain attracted ducks, crabs, and frogs.

Polar bears, snow seals, and penguins are drawn to the snow.

Clouds attract animals like cats, dogs, birds, and butterflies.

Please adjust your home’s décor in accordance with these animals so that you get many visits from Tim!


6. Capture some fireflies.


Come out every evening to collect fireflies in the garden. You will get a specific quantity of Tim from each firefly (from 10 to 30). After an hour of capturing, fireflies will return to the garden, allowing you to continue. So, remember to collect fireflies at night!


7. Cook meals for your partner.


In the game, our beloved would sometimes take a 2-day work trip and always pack a lunchbox. For those lunchboxes that are carefully chosen and have the proper flavor, they will pay you a lot of money (up to a few thousand tim). You may purchase them in the shop with food to make them comfortable. As a result, you consider the weather and decide on the side dishes that will make your boyfriend give you the most time.


8. Quick tip (earn tens of thousands of Tim in a short period of time)

In reality, this is merely a tactic that has been tried and proven by many others. I even gave it a go and was pleasantly pleased. You may choose between 80 TI and 160 TI after you’ve finished taking care of the cat (massage, clipping the nails, washing) (see ads). Tim, your current task is to repeatedly push “as quickly as possible” in box 80. This unique game bug multiplies the amount by the quantity of clicks you make.



Check it out if you don’t trust me! The Software Tips had 35,499 hearts at first. The cat was massaged, and there were now 35,819 hearts (an increase of 320 hearts). As a result, the software tricks swiftly clicked on cell 80, Tim, four times.


In this post, Software Tips offers advice on how to play Tim as quickly as possible without abusing the system. Enjoy your day!

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