How to hide the emperors child

How to hide the emperors child

So, “You never loved me anyway, right?”

Astelle’s wedding day was the last of her single existence.

Since she was eleven years old, she had striven to become Kaizen’s bride, but now all she had to show for her efforts was the shame of being an empress.

The royal family had disowned her, and her true love, Kaizen, had urged her to leave.

“Yes. Yes, you have a point. I never loved you.

A last lie from Astelle Her existence was spurred on by her husband for a-day, but it was also for his benefit.

She had assumed she would never see or hear from him again, but

I have a hunch… I could be pregnant.


Astelle lied again six years later, when she and Kaizen were reconciled.

I’m sorry, but who is that kid?

I can say, “He’s my nephew.”

To ensure the child’s safety.

Names Often Associated

황제의 아이를 숨기는 방법

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