How to increase girth size permanently

How to increase girth size permanently


Every male wants a bigger penile girth, and the women really like it too. However, the most pressing concern is how to rapidly expand one’s waistline. Despite all the useless and false ads, the fact remains that the only way to instantly increase penile girth is to undergo penile enlargement surgery. Natural methods that promise to help you grow larger by simply doing some online research are not advised because they can harm your ligaments and tissues and produce permanent results.
Penile circumference clamping
This technique involves tying off the erected penis to stop the blood from escaping. A knot is tied at the penis’s base in an upright position.

The cells and tissues in your penis swell beyond their normal limits because the knot prevents blood from escaping. Permanent tissue expansion occurs over time as the penile circumference grows to meet the high threshold.

A cable clamp can be used to secure a knot at the base of the penis for this technique. A protective wrap may also be necessary to act as a soft padding medium between the penis and the hard plastic, as cable clamps are not guaranteed to provide any comfort. You can use a band-aid or an old cloth in place of the protective wrap.

Where do I begin?

In order to achieve the minimum standard of this method, which is a 90% erection, it is crucial to be stimulated or turned on.
The protective wrap should come next and must be placed around the base of the penis, on top of which the cable clamp will be tied.
To prevent blood from escaping the erected penis, a cable clamp must be carefully tied around it.
If this is your first time clamping, you should probably limit yourself to no more than 5 minutes. Over time, the duration can be extended by up to 10 minutes. Taking breaks in between sets and performing this method on different days is recommended. Kegel exercises help you achieve the best possible clamping effect.

It’s important to remember that penis clamping can cause engorgement, vein damage, nerve damage, numbness, and difficulty maintaining an erection because it builds up an abnormal amount of pressure in the penis.

Want a bigger penis? Try Jelqing

Jelqing is a technique that doesn’t require any special tools or supplies. All that’s needed is a helping hand. This technique is analogous to clamping in that it stops blood from leaving the penis. However, the hand is used in place of a clamp.

Where do I begin?

The thumb and index finger are used to make the okay sign.
The hand is positioned around the genital base. Squeezing the penis upwards increases blood flow to the penis’s tip. This causes the tissues to swell, eventually resulting in a wider penile circumference.
The bruising, nerve compression, and nerve damage brought on by Jelqing would make it difficult to get an erection.

Exercises to increase penis size

Where do I begin?

A penis pump, which can be operated with either air or water, is needed for this technique.
After being pumped in, the air is then pumped out, causing negative pressure, which enhances the blood flow to the penis and makes the tissues swell up greater than their natural capacity. This method eventually leads to a wider penile circumference.
Extreme caution is required when operating the pump; if used incorrectly, excessive blood flow can cause tissues to burst and cause permanent damage.
It’s important to remember that pumping can cause oxygen deprivation, which can cause serious damage to nerves and tissues. There is no actual scientific study supporting the claim that consistent pumping for a year or two can result in a noticeable increase in penile girth.

Being hopeless because of your thin frame is no longer an option. Focus on a surgical procedure involving a silicone implant that has a history of positive patient feedback instead of falling for the aforementioned scams.

If you put in the effort, you will see progress soon.

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This material is not intended as medical advice and should be treated as such. Never disregard or avoid seeking professional medical advice because of something you read here. Discuss the potential side effects and benefits of any treatment with your doctor.

Please keep in mind that your mileage may vary. You will be given a thorough rundown of the potential outcomes, risks, benefits, and alternatives, such as forgoing surgery altogether.

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