1. 3-in-1 Design: This pet water bottle features a built-in 600ml water, 100g food container, and waste bag compartment, providing all-in-one convenience for pet owners on the go.

2. Built-in Filtration System: The water dispenser is equipped with a filtration system that helps remove impurities and ensures your pet has access to clean and fresh water wherever you are.

3. Lockable Dispensing Button: The bottle’s dispensing button is lockable, allowing you to control the flow of water and prevent any spills or leaks, especially during outdoor activities or hikes.

4. Waste Bag Compartment: The bottle has a convenient compartment that stores waste bags, making it easy to clean up after your pet while you’re on the move and helping you keep the environment clean and hygienic.

Product information:

Color: 300ml high-temperature resistance (water grain garbage bag)

Specifications: Indigo, orange pink, turquoise, dark blue, dark green, twilight gray, milky white, Wisteria purple, cherry blossom powder

Material: Plastic

Category: Pet tableware

Size information:

Packing size: 8 x8x23.1cm

Packing List:

Cup X1

Product Image:

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Additional information

Weight 0.29 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 250 cm

Cherry Blossom Pink, Dark Green, Indigo, Ink Blue, Milky White, Orange Pink, Turquoise, Twilight Gray, Wisteria Purple


300ml Garbage Bag

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