Polyester cotton

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 Braces & Supports




Each loop:

A unique stretching aid that assists in the relaxation of the shoulders, back, and thighs have a stretch massage effect, even for users with a limited range of motion.


Multi-Loops Stretching Aid

It’s ideal for people with limited flexibility or range of motion. Made of a 
comfortable poly laminate and webbing
, this unique stretching aid features multiple strap loops for personal control of each stretch.


Unique Design

While aiding in 
physical mobility and flexibility
, its design encompasses the foot allowing for a 
comfortable stretch
. The unique design 
alleviates stress on the heel

permits relaxed breathing,
 and a
superior dorsiflexion of the toes


Safely Stretching

Foot Stretch strap provides 
additional stability
 during unassisted stretches and poses, 
prevents injury,
facilitates gradual and gentle stretches
 that protect your muscles and make you more and more flexible each day.


Best Stretching Strap

This foot stretcher
 is easy, sturdy, well made, light, portable, and foldable
. It can also be used as a
 yoga stretching belt to help you build a slim figure

Easy To Use

It can be worn in 
three unique orientations to accommodate different stretching positions
. Choose from the three configurations to target separate muscle groups.


Multipurpose In Daily Life

The foot stretcher fits your various exercise needs, suit for
 yoga, ballet, pilates, workout, athletic teams, and relaxing & flexibility training stretching strap. 
Assists in the treatment of
 plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, calf, thigh, hip, and low back strains and injuries.

Additional information

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 240 × 140 × 20 cm


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