Natural Permanent Magnet

Environmental Plastic ABS

Safe & non-toxic

Product information

Material: Plastic/Plastic

Plastic material classification: ABS

Plastic building block type: small particles

Block net weight: 0.05KG

Packing list

Educational toys x1

f6eb9005 3701 4754 8ad5 30ed3bf21f4c
d71517d8 79dd 4f8e 8abc aa3b6c889871
ead917d7 098b 491d 8f6d 71d8c71d80ae
0fec6b0a 6819 4fd3 9303 b3206f05939e
8edb6b45 8c6a 4669 9cf3 0dd2bf66ecd0
eb09e9ba b286 4787 87b7 aefce8083bad
f33aaefa 31cc 47af bc4c 9f4495b29934
f7c54ccd 7633 471d a8d6 de6071199a68
fe0faeca f1dc 4adc a154 60a3416afa87
9a657762 c078 41d0 b476 eca5fd872cb2
ab9c0fca fd54 4c11 9c90 d8160c2a8d6e
995179f5 f6b2 45b0 abd5 86e9e2044129

59d402b9 6284 4ea5 9260 3311cd90d2ed
0b9bf137 1da4 4c20 9e61 95e962182a6e
fbf11272 d75b 46a7 9cfa 9bea6dbdfc60
5c8b0590 f68e 43c0 aa08 c912c512f72e
ccbba3da 6441 4032 88bc 63cd03bd954a

Additional information

Weight 0.42 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 cm

110pcs, 128pcs, 142pcs, 184pcs

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