Product information:

Patterns: geometric patterns

Style: simple and modern

Shape: rectangle

Size: no core, down core, down core

Applicable space: living room

Color classification: BB2005 (48 * 48cm) BB2006 (48 * 48cm) BZ221070 (48 * 48cm) BZ21428 (48 * 48cm) BR2002 (30 * 50cm) BT2001 (70 * 240cm) BZ2002 BZ2002T

Applicable scenario: nap

Packing list:

Pillow cover * 1 or pillow cover+pillow core * 1

9b88619e 5858 4cec aa30 cb637b333e2d
811c3bd9 ac76 4925 bf86 c9b88b0df4df
c5cf7603 beae 42c5 bbdc 1c09bef4939c
b509fb2e 3ab5 44f9 9a66 369c86b52c97
746845ce 3012 41e1 8200 f9db76430bac
a3ccfda3 f024 4e4d a3ee bb65ad6cca2d
3dfb0073 19d4 4ff8 b575 56612bc3509c
07f01bd1 4451 48c1 a8da de5a836f6eab
bea25d81 74c5 49f9 9ab2 889aae6723a0
f8a316c6 7640 4985 a1c3 e23686d65831
cb608081 9e72 4a7a bb3a b937f5150692
f9a49082 fb03 46dc 80b4 bdc6f90da7b6
e1fa070f 90d1 477e 9e95 498ac7531a0a
6385caaa 41a5 4916 ba2b 91da098441c1

Additional information

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 200 × 250 × 40 cm

BB2005, BB2006, BR2002, BZ2002, BZ2002T, BZ21428, BZ221070


Coreless, Feathered velvet core, With down core

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