Built-in advanced components and intelligent chips, the Alpharan wireless charging dock can identify your phone more sensitively. provides temperature control, voltage protection, overcurrent protection and foreign object detection, automatically switch to trickle charging to protect your battery from over charging.


Input parameter: 9 (V)

Output parameter: 5 (V)

Type: Wireless charger

Charging current: 200 (mA)

Battery type: No built-in battery

Indicator function: with indicator function


1. Basis: 15W fast charging wireless charging + Type-C data line;

2. Desk lamp: 15W fast charging wireless charging + Type-C data cable;Three devices charge at the same time;Apple/Android Universal


Non-Apple brand products, compatible with iPhone models.

Package Content :

Product packaging :

Wireless charging *1 

Exquisite gift box *1

Type-c data cable (1 meter)*1


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Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 78 × 62 × 85 cm

Black, Green, White

Electrical outlet

EU, EU Adapter, USB


Adapter, Desk lamp, Basis

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