Product Details:

Main ingredient content of filler: 50

Filler secondary component: polyester fiber (polyester)

Fabric sub-component: polyester fiber (polyester)

Fabric material: chemical fiber

Color: Years, Simple, Warm Sun, Su Jing, Good Night, Promise

Size specifications: 1.5*2.0m3.5 catties, 1.5*2.0m5 catties, 1.8*2.2m6 catties, 2.0*2.3m8 catties

Package Contents:

Polyester quilt cover X1

342e8df5 3f7c 455a ac92 f6f753743bcc
5e960aa1 0749 43e3 85d5 f33ba0139cf4
f49892a0 eef7 4b00 b52b 18ee66ccd60e
5d66eb98 00a1 47e7 8b7b 3fd00e97200e
44408033 4c23 4817 addc 2f6be4f27535
b2d32910 3e9d 4284 9592 635d15902750
4faafa2d 09d9 4127 b3a9 68281867428a
31a3110b 87f9 40f9 8c16 9b730121a7f5

Additional information

Weight 3.50 kg
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 200 cm

1.5X2.0m3.5 catties, 1.5X2.0m5 catties, 1.8X2.2m6 catties, 2.0X2.3m8 catties


Agreed, Good night, Jian Shang, Nuanyang, Sujing, Years

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