It can automatically sense the approach of people and open automatically without manual opening, which is very convenient.

It has the functions of waterproof, UV sterilization, deodorization, insect prevention and leakage prevention.

Suitable for more occasions: The smart trash can is suitable for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, office, etc. it is a good helper for your daily life.

Product information:

Material: ABS

Style: simple and stylish

Features: Inductive

Colour: white, orange, grey

Size Information:



Packing list:

Garbage can*1

Product Image:

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de600186 c75e 4ee8 9b29 8ffde4c9bba2
7f6283fa 3c15 4917 a2d1 1cd3654129e7
4bd98026 e888 47fe abd7 64b1ac7c9201
8664b397 236b 4de4 b2dd c22bc073fc71
0c2fd58f 6dca 4224 8d59 c4b987456cd3
0ce1d746 5b4d 4d2e 8d6c bcaf8a29a4e1
5237f194 a10a 4dd3 b0a3 c29ba62bbeb9
566947e8 2ac5 4fad 83ee 5b358b583830

2d82d9f0 9a5f 44a5 9466 bc57549a5cca
b7e77800 814b 48bc 92da 627dbf29029b
a4dc6ec2 01e6 4b86 876f a3022ae502f7
7cb1fa5a 1d4b 464c b0a5 beed5ba88331
68cff4a4 f5a1 44d1 a277 a5b1ac6855ea
b12bdb95 66f6 4d38 a917 5ff785bc0f05

53730f63 ad32 4383 ab97 108d45b49520
c11f9352 c068 42fa ba53 0b35336ba450

Additional information

Weight 1.40 kg
Dimensions 260 × 260 × 340 cm

Black Gold, Brown base version, Cream white, Grey, Orange, Pure white battery version, White base version, White gold battery model, White gold, White


20L, 18L, 13L, 16L, 11L

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