Product information:

Product name: four piece milk velvet printing process

Product fabric: thickened milk wool

Product grade: qualified product

Product process: straight stitch pillowcase/lace bedspread

Product Details:

1. Ruffle bedspread design

Ruffle bedspread design, aestheticism, reflects the quality of life

Small sheets are right angle rolled sheets

Standard oversized sheet with ruffle design

AB version random

2. Metal zipper design

After hundreds of pull tests

Not easy to get stuck

3. Flat embroidered pillowcase

Flat embroidered pillow case design, tight

Wrap the pillow core and echo with the quilt cover


Mik velvet fabric

Take caro of sleop

Double warmth

Fine vli

Korean lace

Reactlive printing

Packing list:

Suit size Quilt cover size Flat sheet size Pillow cover size
0.9-1.2m 155*210cm 180*230cm 48*74cm*1pc
1.5-1.8cm 200*230cm 245*250cm 48*74cm*2pc
2.0m 22*240cm 245*270cm 48*74cm*2pc
Suit size Quilt cover size Fitted sheet size Pillow cover size
1.5m 200*230cm 150-200cm 48*74cm*2pc
1.8m 200*230cm 180*200cm 48*74cm*2pc

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7067ed6b cec1 4027 8b70 d621f7f56273
dbb67ccd 214f 4ae8 8b7b 9e064e068237
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509c4d4e 23c2 4c6c abe4 fc06b3488192
0b9220c4 bc3a 4c2e adfb 67c77f803b79

Additional information

Weight 2.50 kg
Dimensions 300 × 350 × 80 cm


Bedding Size

1.2M 3Pcs set Flat sheet, 1.5M 4Pcs set Fitted sheet, 1.5M 4Pcs set Flat sheet, 1.8M 4Pcs set Fitted sheet, 1.8M 4Pcs set Flat sheet, 2M 4Pcs set Flat sheet

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