Product information:

Pattern: solid color

Size specification: 0.9m dormitory bed [three-piece bed sheet] suitable for 150 ᅲ 200 quilt, 1.2m bed [three-piece bed sheet] suitable for 150 ᅲ 200 quilt, 1.5m bed [four-piece set bed sheet] suitable for 200 ᅲ 230 quilt, 1.8m bed [four-piece set bed sheet] suitable for 200 ᅲ 230 quilt, 2.0m bed [four-piece set bed sheet] suitable for 220 ᅲ 240 quilt, [four-piece 1.5m fitted sheet] suitable for 200 ᅲ 230 quilt, [Four-piece 1.8m fitted sheet] suitable for 200 ᅲ 230 quilt

Weaving process: Printing

Printing and dyeing process: reactive printing and dyeing

Material: milk fiber

Bedding subdivision: four-piece set

Packing list:

Bed sheets * 1+duvet covers * 1+pillowcases * 1/* 2pcs

Product Image:

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287c1960 3fa4 4e33 9c0a c6ed745d6833
a43cc062 dd2f 4b68 9aca ed420fba6537
3e433d8e bc6f 40ec ab1e a473d4f1960b
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047e31ca 98cc 49e5 8dde 1566913a5268
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2f91ca9c 0ef9 4918 aab4 d1705a676e61
979e8b05 80bb 4100 a060 9fbf2305f50d
26734a9b 2acb 4ae0 8be1 f6644450f68f
60e41411 ee38 430b a1c3 05d66655ae7e
b031d128 7d95 492d 9b86 2ecbe95ff311
ace0c9e0 fbaa 4256 b0cf df2e0d228d9f
581c151d ebdc 448b b820 393af61e2822
a6570201 1f0e 4505 916e 3f42fc0b7dd1
18418396 c382 4e85 bc00 f11c8bf3191b
31002eb9 3433 4f58 8477 fe640ac385c3
7e5608b2 0b2f 4a4a b67c 323a730a128f
6e8e6e04 dc47 4dd8 9b11 f8e720e82639
6be11296 2015 417b 969c f42b000010ac
6bfb6bab cf9a 4d8d ad78 11174f347416
97873a9d f5c6 4fe5 957b 4adf9449110b
daeb9aa6 8266 47c0 a109 52296ced7a50
91a78055 837e 47f6 b4ea 5d302e3213cf
5d38d1ae 4104 439c 9de5 2f1a464294f9
31f12606 84af 4e16 b601 deadd77f6d0f
826ea813 3e8e 42d4 be11 4eb7492fe04f

Additional information

Weight 2.55 kg
Dimensions 400 × 350 × 100 cm

Black Ball, Blue Flower Sea, Cloud Bear, Cocoa, Cute Duck, Dream Seeking, Flower Rhyme, Flowers Rabbit, Jardin Monet, Letter Cute Pet, Love Pink Rabbit, Lucky Bow, PIPIDOG, Pastoral Squirrel, Pink Tulip, Planet Dog, Purple Bunny, Purple Tulip, Rhyme Dyed Flower, Simple Letters, Small Orange, Smoky Rain, Striped Bunny


120, 150, 180, 90

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