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I’m here to help you look your best today without making things too complicated. I’ve got a list of seven things you can do to look better and seem as gorgeous as you can. If you follow these seven tips, you’ll seem more appealing, self-assured, and, of course, trendy right away. Let’s get started by discussing how to alter your look for men nowadays.

Tie your shoelaces the right way

Are your shoelaces consistently unattractive? with the loops being somewhat larger on one side than the other? It’s crucial for men to understand how to tie their shoes properly.

Always tie the bottom knot first before tying the first loop while tying your shoes. The other knot is looped in the opposite direction from the way you typically perform it. You will end up with a shoelace knot that looks very symmetrical.

Having the proper set of laces for your shoes is another thing you should always make sure you do correctly. Please take notice that tennis shoes should use flat laces, while oxfords are suitable for thin, circular laces.


The first action How to Change How You Look You guys need to make sure that you are having your jeans fitted. Be the man who wears long, very baggy pants that barely fit. However, there’s no need to throw away your old pants—that would be messy and not the style we’re looking for. simply because you no longer suit them. Bring them to the tailor and pay around $10 to $15 to have them tailored to your exact measurements.

particularly if they’re stylish pants. Why would you discard them? The largest impact will be made by having those jeans that are precisely cut. in terms of your own style. Many people ask me what the fastest approach is to developing my style. Guys, this is it. Your new fitted jeans will make you taller, thinner, and more fashionable overall.

Use Windex to buff patent leather shoes

Still, let’s talk about shoes. Some guy hacks advise you to put on well-polished, shining leather shoes that resemble mirrors. The main question is how you can acquire that level of perfection.

It’s quite easy. Brush your shoes thoroughly after applying shoe polish, then leave them overnight. Use a gentle Windex cloth to clean and polish the shoes in the morning until you can see your reflection in them. You won’t risk losing out on your next promotion if you wear a pair of spiky sneakers.

How to remove lint and hair from clothes

The affection we all have for our dogs is the one thing we have in common. They have a bad habit of getting their hair on our clothing, which is unfortunate.

You also seem disheveled, and no gentleman should ever be unpresentable. There are several well-known products available online that promise to remove all of that dirt. You’ll notice that they don’t seem to do the task well enough after you buy one of them online.

The only way to guarantee there are no dog or cat hairs on your beloved sweater is to use a cotton brush. It may seem to be a somewhat more conventional tool, but I assure you that it works flawlessly. A Lindt roller also works nicely for this.



Next, some advice for improving your look for men. To give your jaw more definition, shape your facial hair. A developed jawline gives you a stronger, more masculine appearance. But a lot of guys ask me how I can make it seem like I have a strong jaw if I don’t. You may make it seem as if you have a strong jaw even when you don’t by playing with the form of your facial hair. Most of your jawline will be covered by your beard. So you may trim your beard to give the appearance of a sharper jaw. The key is to keep your jaw sharp by having these acute lines and edges right here.

How to match your outfit perfectly

Shoes should be well-fitting, comfortable, and match the suit’s color. For this purpose, neutral colors are excellent since they complement most, if not all, of your clothing.

How to keep your collar stiff

A stiff collar is comparable to the essential 101 guidelines for proper attire. The first and most crucial point is that a rigid collar is preferable to one that is slack.

Second, the easiest way to guarantee that your stiff collars stay intact when traveling is to tuck a rolled-up belt inside the collar.



How to alter your appearance for men to wear darker hues to seem smaller is next on the list of ways to improve your appearance for males. Darker hues can certainly assist in concealing your figure. if you have a little sense of being overweight. It’s the ideal opportunity to choose something a little bit darker if you discovered those infamous quarantine pounds. Additionally, you’re going to seem fierce in any case. Why not try it if you’re wearing all-black clothing? I’d advise wearing attire in dark brown, navy, and black.

Extend the life of your shaving blades

Only well-kept, crisp, and clean clothing can offer you a gentlemanly appearance. In order for your preferred barber to trim and shape your hair to fit the contour of your face, you’ll also need to obtain a clean shave.

Remember, round faces are the greatest cheat to utilize. Longer faces, though, might look better. Additionally, it is preferable to use a sharp blade while shaving your beard every day.

You won’t have any breakouts of ingrown hair as a result of doing this. Usually, this skin response doesn’t seem as tidy. Sharpening your razor blade with a piece of denim is the best way to make sure it remains sharp for the next time you use it.

For this project, all you’ll need is the used clothing that you’d normally donate to Goodwill. Make sure to run the cartridge blades down stiff denim trousers many times before utilizing them. After that, you are ready to shave.

How to use ice cubes to get wrinkles out of a shirt

The outcomes are the same whether the shirt is washed by hand or in a washing machine, since in both cases, the shirt has to be properly wrung out to remove extra water and to speed up drying.

Your garments are transferred to the washing machine, where they may dry when the washing procedure is completed.

Use Clear Nail Varnish to Prevent a Loose Button from Falling Off

A few of us have been in the unfortunate position of having a neat tuxedo attire destroyed by a loose button, and we can all agree that it was an embarrassing event for us.

Gentlemen, lend me your ears while I tell you how you might prevent this awkward circumstance.

Stretching tight shoes

Stretching tight shoes

One of the most important components of an outfit is the footwear, as a tight shoe may put you in the most uncomfortable situation of your life.

Your shoes may sometimes feel constrictive, which is typical. You simply need a freezer and a bag filled with water in each shoe to hack your way out of a tight shoe.

The water in the shoes will begin to freeze because of the cold, and as the water expands, the bags will do as well. To put it another way, the shoe will expand as a result of the frozen water expanding, which will make your feet feel more comfortable.

Managing the stench of wearing shoes without socks

A long-lasting remedy is required for the unpleasant smell that results from wearing shoes without socks. Let’s look at some strategies for getting rid of stinky feet.

Beyond keeping our underarms dry and fresh, deodorants have numerous other purposes. When wearing shoes without socks, use deodorant on the bottoms of your feet to keep them odor-free.

The benefit of this technique is that a small amount of deodorant will last you a long time. It is strongly advised that you attempt this with a stick or roll-on deodorant.


Guys, if you haven’t already, you need to locate your distinctive scent. The need for a scent cannot be overstated. that you like to have a certain scent that you favor. You have a scent that, once applied, makes you feel like a guy. Let’s get it. I’m ready, I’m confident, I smell nice, and I look good. It is not necessary to purchase anything pricey. It doesn’t have to be outrageous or from a well-known company. You just need something that smells wonderful to you.

How to prevent Sweat Stains

Sweaty armpits not only smell awful but also leave stains on clothing. Deodorants succeed in keeping the underarms dry and fresh but fall short in preventing stains on shirts. Lemon juice can assist in avoiding sweat stains on your garments.

It’s even better if you have an empty perfume bottle since you can save enough lemon juice in it to spritz over your shirt’s armpits before you put it on.

This solution only has to be sprayed once, in the morning, immediately before putting on your shirt.

If the stains are still there, add more lemon juice to the garment, being careful not to let it become wet.

Use your fingers to test if your steak is done

A respectable guy has excellent cooking abilities in addition to his dapper appearance. This guarantees that they can always host visitors while they are present.

A female friend would appreciate such a special gesture since nothing says gentleman more than a guy who can take care of himself and is comfortable in the kitchen.

What better way to cook your steak than in one of three distinct ways? Using your forefinger to push down on the meaty portions of the steak is the oldest technique in the book.

Steak that’s been cooked just right will feel much tougher and fleshier. Although a medium-rare steak is more thoroughly cooked than a rare one, it will feel less meaty.

A well-done steak won’t feel at all showy or fleshy when you push into it; by meaty, I mean the way raw meat feels when it’s tough. So, gentlemen, I really hope that these useful tips help you improve as a contemporary gentleman. Have a fantastic week till next time!

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