Third time lucky how I conquered WordPress

Here are 6 WordPress nightmares and some suggested ways to resolving these issues

As you are aware, WordPress is a CMS (content management system). You can quickly set up and maintain websites using it without having any technical knowledge. Any kind of website may be created, including portfolios, resumes, technical blogs, e-commerce sites, business websites, social networking sites, etc. You could also create an online store and include a payment system.

The dashboard may be difficult to understand since it performs so many distinct tasks. I attempted twice to install it but was unable. The third time around, the installation proceeded without a hitch, and I was able to tell others how I managed to defeat WordPress.

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“Third time lucky” is a charm for luck

The phrase “Third-Time Fortuitous How I Conquered WordPress” may have a lucky pull for you if you’re new to WordPress. The common expression alludes to a case in English law involving a West Country sailor by the name of John “Babbacombe” Lee. In 1885, Lee was convicted of being responsible for the killing of Emma Keyse and given a death sentence. However, his home secretary at the time, Sir William Harcourt, reduced the death penalty to a life term in prison. Lee’s sentence was eventually commuted by a maximum of one year, and he was subsequently freed.

The saying “Third Time Lucky” In western culture, the phrase “How I Conquered WordPress” is often used to convey the belief that third chances frequently result from luck. Barcelona, for instance, has lost two finals, so they are hoping that the third one will be different. But it could be more than that. The phrase is often used in sports. A team will be more resolute the following time around if they lose two games in a row.

It’s hard to imagine that I was able to defeat WordPress a third time. I didn’t believe I would be able to make my WordPress website appear professional after two failed efforts, but I was. Read this post if you’re looking for excellent strategies to have your WordPress website functioning the way you want it to. The third attempt worked perfectly. I Succeeded Using WordPress

Third Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress

How I defeated WordPress after three tries

Here’s my third attempt at success and how I learned to explain WordPress;

Register both a domain and a hosting account.

Your blog will reply to the domain name after it is created. It is one of the most crucial phases in building a successful WordPress website. Choose a suitable name that is brief and precise. Your brand should be reflected in it.

But hosting is like owning a house where your domain will reside when it is created. Although you may purchase a yearly plan, the subscription is often a monthly one.

* Set up WordPress.

A WordPress installation is required to use your website and host plan.

Pick a fundamental subject.

It’s suggested that you start off by choosing a straightforward theme. The usage of certain WordPress themes is simple. You have the ideal theme. You may prevent WordPress failure by using themes with straightforward interfaces and easy-to-use design elements.

Set up the theme.

Installing your chosen simple theme is the next step after choosing it. Once installed, you may personalize it. The navigation and footer must be the most important elements of your design since this is where people may sign up for your blog and peruse it. It is frequently referred to as a blog’s “health.”

“Establish categories”

On your WordPress website, groups may be created to help you organize your material and make it easier for users to discover the information they need. It will also help you stay on top of the stuff you’ve published. The word “category” describes how you designate a certain article on WordPress according to the subject it covers.

* Install plugins

The purpose of installing plugins on WordPress is to increase its functionality.

• Write the first blog entry.

Most likely, you have a reason for starting your WordPress website. The best moment to spread the word about it is right now, so write your first blog entry and press “publish.” But the first emphasis should be on producing high-quality material. By reading the greatest beginner’s blogging books or watching YouTube lessons, you may learn how to produce outstanding content.

Third Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress Manually

Crucial Steps

Select whether you want to install remotely on a server or locally on a PC.

If you’re on a server, you should have a domain address (website name).

If so, you must install a server on your computer, such as Xampp.

After downloading the compressed WordPress bundle from wordpress.org, extract it into the server directory. This directory is distinct for many different server types. It is going to be covered in the article.

your webpage in your web browser. The setup page will appear. There, fill in the blanks.

For the MySql database, create a user. On the setup page, this user information is necessary.

The setup will be complete at this point.

To see the WordPress admin panel, go to the /wp-admin/folder.

You will only be able to learn WordPress once if you carefully adhere to these guidelines.


Here are 6 WordPress nightmares and some suggested ways to resolving these issues-

The Internal Server Error, often known as “HTTP 500 Internal Server Error,”

I hope you haven’t encountered this error message yet. There are several possible origins for this generic error code message. The use of plugins or themes, PHP code that times out, and issues with the.htaccess files are just a few of the potential causes of this warning.

What to fix:

Try putting these measures into practice before contacting your hosting company:

Reload the page. This problem could just be transient.

Close and reopen your browser after clearing its cache.

I found the exact same page in a different web browser. Inform your hosting company if the issue continues.

2. Attempting to make graphic changes

You will struggle to edit visuals and table layout unless you are already acquainted with CSS, HTML, and PHP. WordPress has a large selection of templates, but many of them are similar. You’ll need some coding experience to give your website a distinctive design.

What to fix:

Find out more about CSS or HTML.

Employ a web developer to make the changes for you.

3. Automatic updates annihilate everything

You’ve been informed that a new update has been made, and as a result, your plugins are no longer functioning at all or improperly. Although not unusual, this situation may be quite upsetting. Updates don’t take into consideration any plugins or adjustments you may have previously made. Therefore, they won’t function if they are not compatible with the most recent upgrades.

Unfortunately, you will need to switch to a new plugin and wait for your existing plugin to get an update. After that, you may reverse it.

Keep in mind to frequently backup your website. If an update misdirects you, you have the choice to go back to the most current version.

4. You were hacked by

How can you tell if a website has been hacked? It could not be working properly, there might be foreign connections that shouldn’t be there, or—worst of all—you might not be able to locate the page. Trying to go through all the processes to get your company website operating again may be a terrible idea. More sales opportunities will be lost the longer you wait to restore your website.

The next stages are:

Asses the extent of the harm by taking your website offline.

Go to the WordPress FAQ page.

This website offers great tips on what to do if you find yourself in this circumstance.

Renovate the area.

modify passwords.

Be sure to stay current with developments.

5. Slow Performance Rates

In contrast to CMS systems like Drupal, WordPress is not designed to manage large amounts of material. Due to the extensive usage of plugins and congested databases, load times are renowned for being slowed down by additional operations. It will require more effort on your side to ensure that your WordPress site is functioning at its best if you currently have or want to have a lot of material.

What to fix:

Make sure your hosting is adequate and can handle the needs of your content levels.

Make use of a caching plugin.

Remove unnecessary widgets and plugins from your homepage to make it load faster.

Vulnerability to Plugin Viruses

Sadly, WordPress is very vulnerable to plugin infections that may completely delete all content and pages. Its dependency on plugins consistently provides a backdoor entrance to anybody with a cunning mind and training in PHP. The best way to protect yourself against a potential assault is to remain watchful at all times.

What to fix:

WP Antivirus Site Protection should be installed.

By adopting these precautions, you can fortify your website and keep it secure.

Although WordPress is a fantastic CMS, it has numerous drawbacks. Slow speeds, update issues, and security threats do not make for a pleasant experience. A customized solution can be preferable if you would rather avoid having to deal with these horrors and being forced to deal with problems on your own. With the help of a bespoke CMS, you can administer your website with ease, streamlining processes and boosting output.

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