A few days ago British Prince William mentioned in an interview how he was shocked by the war in Ukraine because “war in Europe is such an alien thing to see for our generation”. This was supposedly a very bigoted, terribly racist and small-minded thing to say. He was ‘called out’ for it on social media and frankly? It’s complete rubbish.

Around the same time American vice president, Kamala Harris, said pretty much the exact thing. How we’re talking about “war in Europe”, of all places, and how we have to take and let that sink in because… “war in Europe” is a terrifying, impossible to comprehend thing. She wasn’t labeled ‘racist’ or bigoted or whatever for it… though she said the same exact things, mirrored the same concerns and sentiments and did so even more elaborately than Prince William did:So why is Prince William being shat on by people for saying the exact same things Kamala Harris said, while she isn’t? Because people love to hate the Royal Family. They are the descendants of slavers and colonialists. So William looking ‘out of touch’ is great… Kamala Harris saying the same thing isn’t suddenly ‘out of touch’ anymore. Double standards? Clearly. People just want to hate. They want to be mad. And they want the whole nonsense narrative of how the Royal Family is racist — invented by Meghan Markle in a ploy for attention and clout — to be real… so badly.

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The story is twisted completely out of control. It is explained in such a way that William compared Europe to ‘less-evolved’ continents like Africa, Asia or the Middle-East and how he is appalled that such a thing could possibly transpire in his beloved, civilized Europe. It’s all just a way of framing things. Of interpreting for maximum damage. And you need the right target for this, too; making the ‘spoiled privileged pampered prince’ out to be short-sighted gets you clicks, gets people to pile on him. The half-black, half-Indian woke icon from America, Harris? No mind. No outrage to be mined there. Never mind the fact that Prince William himself served his nation’s armed forces and is the grandson of a WWII veteran and might, believe it or not, actually know what he is talking about?

Finally — and this is important! — are the comments by either Kamala Harris or Prince William really that outrageous? Yes we’ve had the Yugoslav Wars, there’s been Georgia, Crimea… but nothing even close to the scale of the two largest military forces of Europe, Russia and Ukraine, duking it out. The risks of escalation into a global conflict have never been greater. People would do right to remember history; both World Wars started in Europe for a reason.

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